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1-on-1 Training

Need help with LightBurn or Lasers? I’ll connect with you on a 1-on-1 online live video meeting to show you how to complete your project and/or answer any questions you may have.

Meet Your Instructor

Unni, has always had a passion for taking things apart and learning how they work since he was a boy. At 29, he has worked on hundreds of projects involving lasers and played around with a wide variety of lasers. His early challenges with lasers inspired a drive to make the learning curve easier for others.

Realizing the common hurdles newcomers face, Unni crafted the LightBurn Masterclass Course designed to streamline the learning journey for aspiring laser enthusiasts. As a full-time instructor, he dedicates himself to sharing his in-depth knowledge, empowering students to unlock the creative and technical potential of lasers and LightBurn.

Our Plans


30 Minutes Q&A

30 minutes @ $50.00

Do you have some Laser questions that you need some quick answers for? This Zoom call can be used to answer as many Laser questions you have in a 30 minute meeting. You can ask anything from general laser questions to LightBurn software questions


1 Hour Consultation

1 hour @ $99.00

1-on-1 live session to personally help you out with your laser projects. I can share my screen or you can share your screen and I can remote control your computer through, if needed. For very complex projects, please contact me first. All Mellowpine Academy Students save 30% off all 1:1 appointments!


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A little about Mellowpine Lasers

In 2019, knowing little about lasers, our journey began amidst COVID restrictions. A friend’s malfunctioning laser became our first project, leading to a fiery mishap that underscored our need for deep understanding. After sifting through endless, often irrelevant online tutorials, we focused on mastering design preparation and perfecting material settings, starting with wood. This self-taught process, filled with trial and error, gradually built our expertise and a personal library of laser knowledge.

Sparked by our struggles and the realization that others faced similar challenges, Mellowpine Lasers was conceived. Launched with the aim to cut through the fluff, our blog and subsequent YouTube channel provide straightforward, insightful content on laser engraving and cutting. Adhering to honesty and genuine advice, we’ve grown into a trusted source for laser enthusiasts worldwide, dreaming of creating a global community where support and expertise are readily available, simplifying the laser learning curve for all.


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